Financial Analyst

What to Expect

Having someone keep your books for you can be a bit unsettling in the beginning since you really don't know what to expect as the outcome.

​So, what CAN you expect to happen during the sign on process?

Step 1:  Let's Connect

Head over to our Schedule Consultation tab to book your initial free consultation.  This will be a discussion about your needs and expectations on the services that you are looking for.  I am a certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online and highly recommend that this is the method used to keep your books. Ask me about the discounts to the QBO packages and client sign-up if you are not already signed up.

Step 2:  Are We a Good Fit for each other?

​After the initial call and we will both determine whether or not we are a good fit for each other. This will be followed by a discovery session to take a look at where your financial books are and exactly what kind of work needs to be done to begin to move forward. We will also discuss timeframes expected and what weekly/monthly/quarterly upkeep looks like.  

Step 3: Estimate Submission and Decision

​We will provide a written Quote and Engagement Letter to you for your review, execution, and return. Don't be alarmed! It’s not a contract; it’s a written agreement to services and payment method, so we both are on the same page with what is expected.  At any time, that you should desire, you may walk away from doing business with us if necessary.

Step 4: On-boarding

Now that you’re a client, will work through a checklist document along with instructions, so we can get you on-boarded smoothly and begin working.  

Step 5: Lean Back and Focus on Growing Your Company

That’s it! Now you can focus on your clients’ needs and growing your business. Each month, we will provide you with the requested reports and will answer any questions that you have while reviewing your financials. This information will help give you better insight on your business, so you can immediately make any adjustments you’d like to run your business efficiently and profitably.