Making the Most Out of Remote Meetings

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Just two years ago, meeting remotely or via video conferences was hardly a thing. But today more than ever, businesses—both large and small—are turning to remote meetings to get business done. And, while some businesses are beginning to head back to the office, let’s face it, the face of business as we knew it before has evolved.

Remote Meetings are the new way of life!

So, how do we make the most out of remote meetings? We’ve compiled a list of ways to get it all done via remote meetings.

1. Screen-share it: Use your platform to share your screen and collaborate through working together

2. Schedule it: Set-up a specific start and ending time for your meeting. This confirms that you are all available and prepared to participate. Keeping meetings short and on task ensures productivity

3. Personalize it: Use the meeting platform with video technology to add a personalized touch to your meeting

4. Engage your audience: try not to read from a script. Encourage feedback, questions, and open dialog.

5. Assign it: Try assigning responsibilities and meaningful follow-ups with every meeting, try not to be over-bearing or monotonous in these tasks

6. Mute it: Encourage those who are on the call to take part in it but to mute mics when they are not speaking. This allows who is currently speaking to be able to do so without background noise or interruptions.

7. Limit it: Do not have so many members that it has a townhall feel. Smaller numbers of participants allow for engagement and a more personal touch. Creating an agenda before-hand is a great way to stay on target as well.

Of course, there are several other things to consider when scheduling or participating in a remote meeting. You may have to contend with different time zones, or contend with technology glitches but overall, Remote meetings are a great way to stay safe, get things done and to move forward with the world.

Embrace It! Master It! Get it Done!

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